An exhibition of the Croatian Sports Museum is a guest at the Rector's Palace.

The host of the exhibition is the National Museum of Zadar, and the support is provided by the City of Zadar.

The exhibition will run from May 13 to August 28

The exhibition is part of the activities thatThe city of Zadar supports the frameworktitles Zadar - European City of Sports 2021

The exhibitionThe Game of Sport and Artpresents the interrelationships between art and sport as important parts of society and everyday life. The Croatian Sports Museum will exhibit items from its own holding sin Zadar, valuable examples of applied art and design in the field of sports; medals, posters, diplomas and sculptures etc.

Their visual design has had a strong impact on the promotion of individual sporting events and the general perception of sport in society. A large number of objects were not available to the public, and many of them will occupy a prominent place in the exhibition of the Croatian Sports Museum in Zagreb, which will present the development and greatest successes of Croatian sports and exercise.

The exhibition will feature works by over 50 artists and designers, many of whom marked their period in the development of Croatian art, so it is interesting to observe their works from the perspective of sports. Among them are the biggest names in Croatian art, such as Frangeš, Kerdić and Meštrović, but also artists such as Stranić, who have dedicated almost their entire oeuvre to sports.

An overview of the development of art in the field of sports in Croatia will be presented chronologically, from the end of the 19th century, in four parts according to the turning points in Croatian history that were crucial for society reflected in sports and art. Subjects related to the falconry movement and Olympism are presented in separate units.

The Croatian Sports Museum has been working for over 70 years in various organizational forms, and since 2003 as a national museum institution under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture systematically collects the most valuable national heritage in the field of Croatian sports and exercise.

The director of the Croatian Sports Museum in Zagreb, excellent basketball player Danira Nakić Bilić, said:

"I would like to emphasize once that sport, with a tradition of almost two centuries, is today an integral part of Croatian history and national culture. It needs to be defined and understood in a much broader context beyond the usual understanding of sport as a set of medals and trophy. Sport is an important and active factor in all segments of Croatian society. This exhibition is also an announcement of activities aimed at opening a permanent exhibition of the Croatian Sports Museum. "

The exhibition is supported by the City of Zadar, which in 2021 holds the title of European city of sports. This event is one of the program activities by which Zadar contributes to the title awarded by ACES Europe, the association of sports cities of Europe based in Brussels. This is one of the European initiatives that encourages local communities to promote sports and Zadar is doing this on this occasion through a combination of sports and art!

Zadar, the European City of Sports

The city of Zadar is the European City of Sports in 2021!

Zadar won the title in June 2020 in front of the commission of ACES Europe, an association of sports cities in Europe based in Brussels that promotes EU programs focused on sports and physical activity which awards the title.

The city of Zadar is carrying out all sports activities in 2021 through the promotion of the title of European City of Sports!